Press Quotes

One-of-a-kind songs...a strong musical presence.”

Springfield News-Leader

Justin Larkin has the singing tone that thousands of novice singers will be chasing for a long time.”

Alt77, on "No Gravestone"

Justin Larkin’s 'Cosmic Ozarkana' Captures”

Rachel Cholst, Adobe & Teardrops

I’d ultimately describe “Tulsa, Someday” as the perfect Americana song. It was like the influential genres just kept hitting me one-by-one. One minute, it’s a rock song with a guitar solo. The next, it’s country and folk lyricism staring right at you. Then, it’s bluegrass and blues. They just kept appearing and mixing with each other. I really can’t say enough great things about this song. You ever listen to an artist and think, “why aren’t they a bigger name than they are?” That’s where I currently stand on Justin Larkin, and I’m really looking forward to future work from him.”

Two Story Melody, on "Tulsa, Someday"

In the vein of John Prine’s “Sam Stone,” the track weighs the cost of war for Americans. The rumbling energy of the song feels like a Johnny Cash style narrative country song that calls into question societal preconceived notions. It’s a bold song. Fair warning — around the 2:20 mark there’s a fantastic almost-theatrical element of the track that breaks the genre style to make the death feel more visceral. It’s such a brilliant piece of songwriting. Whether or not you have a political affinity or affliction toward the song’s message, it’s a track that’s worth serious artistic consideration.”

Ear to the Ground, on "Name Upon a Wall"