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Nowhere Is a Place

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Justin Larkin: Vocals, acoustic & electric guitar
Steven Sparks: Lead guitar
Alexander Hines: Bass
Seth Randolph: Drums, background vocals
Don Randolph: Background vocals
Mark Cassidy: Banjo
Clinton Houseman: Organ, background vocals
Kelly Brown: Organ
Chad Graves: Production, engineering
Paul Carabello: Mixing & mastering


I've been planning every morning for the rest of my days
Waking to the sunrise casting light upon your face
But that ain't me, it just ain't me

I've got a pocket full of chances, sixteen dollars to my name
Whichever way the wind blows, I know it's fanning on the flame
In my heart, in my heart

There's always another word that can be said
To prolong being left for dead
These broken promises behind my eyes
Leave me nowhere left to hide

I got no idea where I'm sleeping, do you have a place to crash?
Somehow this car keeps running even though it's out of gas
I hope it starts, I pray it starts
But I'll blow my dimes and nickels on just one last cheap cigar
These dreams of mine are all I got, I hope they take me far
Away from here, away from here

There's always another stranger's bed they might let me lay my head
But of all the lessons that I've come to learn, it's a sure-fire way to get burned

Thank goodness for these friends of mine, I don't know where I'd be
Without their couches and their company they've allowed to comfort me
You know I love you all, you know I love you all

So let's have another drink tonight, one more for the road
I'm leaving town tomorrow, know wherever I may go I'll carry you
I'll carry you all with me

I pray there's always another friend that I can call, to help me forget it all
And of all the things that I know, nowhere is a better place to go

I could hammer down these warn out chords for the rest of the day
If that meant I had the slightest chance to save a little face
But that's okay, in the end I'm not ashamed
There's always a clock that's ticking somewhere,
A moment about to pass
I'd rather spend time burning bridges, than spend time kissing ass
It ain't just me, so tell me your story

There's always another story yet to be told, as each new day unfolds
Somewhere there's an angel bound to make it right, waiting to fall in my life
Somewhere there's an angel bound to make it right, waiting to fall in my life