Larkin began busking as a teenager, playing on street corners while traveling across America. Settling back home in the southern Missouri Ozarks, Larkin formed rocknroll band Mood Ring Circus in 2014. After many shows across the Midwest, the band set off for Cleveland, Ohio in 2017 to create their first full-length LP "Limbo Daze" with platinum producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, Brian Setzer Orchestra) and the album subsequently became a regional hit.

Larkin began using a suitcase drum at solo shows around 2018, eventually modifying his suitcase with license plates to create a kick & snare sound. Paired with foot tambourines, a harmonica & an acoustic guitar, Larkin’s solo shows feature a genre-bending playlist of original material, covers & mash-ups all delivered with a full band energy, despite only being a one-man show.

Justin Larkin proudly endorses:

StrungOut Guitar Concepts
JRar Percussion
TikiMan PickUps
Blehm Amplification