From the recording Nowhere Is a Place

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Get Yourself Through

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Justin Larkin: Vocals, Acoustic & electric guitar, lead guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, drums, production, engineering
Chad Graves: Pedal steel guitar, production, engineering
Samantha Hubler: Background vocals
Betsey Mae Graves: Background vocals
Paul Carabello: Mixing and mastering


If you've got a sadness you just can't speak of
Sometimes the feeling can eat you alive
Some don't see the privilege of seeing things clearly
While others are struggling to make it out right

I saw you squinting, curious eyes glistening
As you were listening to me fumble a song
Now that's in the rear view
Something we've persevered through
Now it's my turn to hear you
And I'm singing along

I know things are different from when we were younger
These days ain't as easy to maneuver around
In those moments you're tempted to give in and surrender
I want you to remember the way that it sounds

To give in to the music, take your heart and use it
All the cuts and the bruises, bleed them into the song
If you want you can burn it, leave it behind you and turn it
Take the lesson and learn it, get yourself through the day

If you've got a sadness, won't you just speak up
You can shout, you can whisper
Your voice has a place
My ear is a cradle, awaiting its landing
May the message its handing always find a way

We're separate but united, despite the distance divided
Our woe is confided by the power of song
Even when times are changing a melody can be ageless
When the pen strikes the pages and someone sings along

La da da da daaaa

Lyrics and music by Justin Larkin