From the recording Nowhere Is a Place

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Young Enough to Know

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Justin Larkin: Vocals, acoustic guitar, lead guitar, lyrics, composition, production
Brooke Austen: Vocals
Clinton Houseman: Electric guitar, bass guitar, keys, production, engineering
Chad Graves: Production, engineering
Molly Healey: Violin, string arrangement
Seth Randolph: Drums & percussion
Paul Carabello: Mixing & Mastering


Where the strangers' eyes are easy
And the liquor pours like rain
The people are always leaving
Just as soon as they walk in

Everybody ricochets in their special ways
Sometimes they're running from
Whoever they've become
What they buried when they were young enough to dream

When the child's mind could wander, without limit or restraint
All the wonders that he pondered, they don't strike him quite the same
He got desensitized, once he was ostracized
His fantasies paralyzed anything he could feel
When he stood the height where he kneels
Praying life returns what it steals and washes him clean

I'm not young enough to know
You're not young enough to know
We're not young enough to know