From the recording Nowhere Is a Place

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Name Upon a Wall

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Chad Graves- Production, vocals
Betsey Mae Graves- Vocals
Molly Healey- Violin, cello
Don Randolph- Bass
Seth Randolph- Drums
Justin Larkin- Acoustic guitar, vocals, lyrics, composition
Paul Carabello- Mixing & mastering


Gordon carried his gun
In a war we never won
He choked down his final breath
In his brother’s own caress
One day I met the man
Who held Gordon in his hands
When his blood was spilled in vain
His bitter fingers point the blame
At our blind society
And all the shepherds to the sheep
Who had the audacity to lie
When they said God was on our side
Fifty years before today
Amongst the bullets and the blaze
Gordon McClary once stood tall *
Now that’s just a name upon a wall

There’s no word that could describe
All the pain behind his eyes
When he spoke of what they’d seen

As I sat there wondering
How high must the number be
Before what’s called a tragedy
Becomes another statistic
The death toll took another hit
Fifty years before today
I swear I almost hear him say
Gordon McClary I love you
And whatever you may do
Please just don’t you die on me
For the love of God just breathe
If you hear me then just speak
Please say anything, please say anything, oh please

He was a man I never knew
But’s the goddamned truth
He did not deserve to die
He belongs right as his brother’s side
Happy healthy and alive
A death for nature to decide
And not one second before
Should death come knocking at his door
But what good are feeble words as these?
With all these lives shipped overseas
Only to meet the same fate
All in the name of hate
Gordon McClary once stood tall
Now that’s just a name upon a wall
A name upon a wall