From the recording Nowhere Is a Place

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Hit You Where the Heart Is

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Chad Graves- Production, engineering
Paul Carabello- Mixing, mastering
Justin Larkin- Vocals, acoustic guitar, lyrics, composition
Samantha Hubler- Vocals
Kelly Brown- Keys
Ryan Dunn- Saxophone
Clinton Houseman- Bass
Seth Randolph- Drums
Stevie Newman- Guitar


Does it hit you where the heart is
Does it punch you in the guts
When you love somebody
You don’t know how to trust
Does it leave you lying lazy
Do you waste away the day
Cause you give her all your loving
And she’s giving hers away

This time you’re investing
Do you think you spend it right
Just sitting and stressing
About who she’ll see tonight
And if it’s worth the worry
Of leaving on the light, oh

Does it hit you where the heart is
Does it bring you to your knees
When your lover’s just so lazy
All he does is sleep
He ain’t bringing home no money
No, there ain’t no bread to eat
He may give you all his loving
But that’s a worthless currency

This time he’s investing
Just pissing away all his daylight
It ain’t too impressing
That he’s got you working overtime
Just trying to keep the lights on
And he’s waiting up to fight, oh
Up to fight, oh

Does it hit you where the heart is
Yes it’s quite a cryin shame
When you move on jealous notions
And point your finger to blame
You better keeping your feelings steady
You’ve got to stay on the same page
Or you’ll wind up living lonely
For the rest of your days