1. Tulsa, Someday

From the recording Nowhere Is a Place

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Tulsa, Someday

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Chad Graves- Production, engineering, dobro
Seth Randolph- Drums, vocals
Samantha Hubler- Vocals
Calvin "Casual Cal" Todd - Pedal Steel
Clinton Houseman- Bass, tenor guitar
Les Gallier- Lead guitar
Justin Larkin- Acoustic & electric guitar, vocals, lyrics, production, compositon


By the time we made it into Tulsa, we were packing up to turn around
It’s almost like our exit always closes right before we make it into town
Like striking out against a one-armed bandit,
Sometimes it all comes down to pocket change
You never know how much of it you’ll be handing off
While you are along the way

Running over pot holes on twenty dollar toll roads
Trying to stay inside the lines
Oh you know Tulsa
Someday I’m gonna do you right

Right about when we thought we were leaving, we were burning down a clover leaf
Then up around the bend with neon conviction stood a glowing Indian chief
And if he would talk you know I’m sure he’d be saying,
“Come on, you don’t have much to lose
Just step right up and bet your bottom dollar
Catch a buzz on our diluted booze”

Burning up my billfold, hoping that the time’s close
For my luck to turn around
Oh but you know Tulsa
Sometimes you really let me down

By the time we crossed the state line, the sun was rising up close behind
Frankly, I’m thankful that we made it in one piece

We’re learning as we go, or at least I hope so
It might be better the next time that we try
Oh but you know Tulsa
Sometimes it isn’t worth the drive
Oh, oh, but someday I’m gonna do you right
Oh, oh, but someday I’m gonna do you right
Oh, oh, but someday I’m gonna do you right
Oh, oh, but someday I’m gonna do you right